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Types and selection criteria for alarm sirens

The first line of defence against uninvited break-ins and theft is the security alarm siren. After the sensors are triggered, conventional speakers play a sound that has been pre-programmed to alert people to the protected object. Criminals must abandon their plans or work under extreme time constraints, since law enforcement officials will show up right away.

Modern siren versions produce a loud, high-frequency sound that can be heard over several blocks. A monotonous melody is not always implied by the sound of a siren. A feature of some alarm model that draws even more attention is changing melodies with various sound frequencies.

The variations between sirens

  1. The siren’s sound or light kind. 
  2. Application area. 
  3. Dependable power supply. 
  4. Methods for educating the neighbourhood.

The best method for attracting attention to little objects, such as shops, offices, and smaller workshops, is through music and light. This makes it simpler to pinpoint the attackers’ intended entry point among the diverse properties, aiding witnesses in recalling additional specifics. The scope immediately follows this. Light is not as important in major malls and office buildings because it is obvious where the alert is coming from. 

There are two power sources: a battery and an electrical outlet. The batteries need to be regularly charged, and the network makes the siren dependent on fan failures. The model you require to raise the level of protection can only be optimally determined by a security business.

Sirens can warn people by making varying, steady, and intermittent noises. Security alarms also send a signal to a device owned by the property owner or for remote security.

Select the appropriate siren for the protected object

First, it is important to consider the power (dB). There are various tones produced by sirens. Therefore, you should choose the lowest amount of dB for real estate that is situated inside or next to a residential building. Consider the distance and buy a siren with the greatest dB rating if the object is far from humans. 

Relevant information about sirens

  • For speedy deactivation at night, it is advisable to provide sirens with two-way communication and a remote control panel. 
  • From -30 to +60 °C is the recommended temperature range for normal functioning. 
  • GSM alarms utilize both radio waves and telephone lines at once. 
  • For installation on busy streets, siren housings with anti-vandal shells are available.

It is best to let security organizations choose the sirens. Given the broad variety of security alarms available, it can be challenging to pick one that is ideal for your institution without going over budget. The siren will be installed by specialists in a secure location after several hours of labour, and the entire neighbourhood will be able to hear the sound.

Advice on selecting a security alarm

Consider the following features when choosing an alarm for a private home, flat, or cottage:

  • Ease and comfort in the environment.
  • The cost and duration of the security system installation will depend on how challenging it will be to set up the chosen alarm system. 
  • Management strategies.
  • Check to see if there is control/setting via an SMS message or a mobile application on a smartphone or PC. The first choice is preferable because it eliminates the need for SMS transaction fees. 
  • Check the number of disarming and arming techniques that are supported, including utilizing a code keypad, remote control key fobs, mobile devices, and computers connected to the Internet using passwords.
  • Access to a backup power source.
  • Inquire whether an internal or external battery will enable the alarm to sound the first time in the case of a power outage. Ensure that a message is sent to the owner’s phone when the main power source (220V) is turned on or off.
  • A way to inform.
  • Find out how many phone numbers the system can store. Which of the following is used to notify the user of an alarm? The system must provide simultaneous data transfer to multiple numbers at once because an SMS notification is the simplest.
  • Warranty and additional assistance.


A security alarm is a must for your home, cottage, or flat because it will protect your belongings and your sanity. Modern alarms’ functional capabilities let you do together a security system that meets any purpose. Additionally, there is no theoretical limit on the quantity of sensors that can be linked. Furthermore, you may keep an eye on all potentially vulnerable areas of the house by using a collection of sensors with various operating principles and purposes.